SKS looks out of step with his party on renationisation

SKS looks out of step with his party on renationisation

We are now moving into that period of the year when all the focus in domestic politics will be on the agendas at the autumn party conferences.

These are important because they are the one big opportunity each year when members can seek to influence the leadership on the big issues of the day.

The polling from Survation featured above is clearly trying to set the agenda for what will be the dominant issue at the Labour conference. As can be seen there is very strong support right across the board for re-nationalising the big Industries that were de-nationalised in the programme first started by the Thatcher led Tories in the 1980s.

This comes at a time when Labour is closer to Number 10, if not a majority, than it has been at any time since the 2010 general election. Starmer is very keen not to create hostages to fortune by having policies that are easy to be attacked.

I think that the railways is the one sector which is the most likely to be brought back into public ownership. So much of the funding comes from government subsidies and the big decisions are made by the central government anyway. A strong case can be made for water.

Mike Smithson

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