Some harsh realities on the Monarchy from Prof John Curtice

Some harsh realities on the Monarchy from Prof John Curtice

The leading political scientist and polling expert, Prof John Curtice, has a great piece behind a PayWall in the New Statesman on how the public now views the monarchy.

The numbers are not good for the new King who has waited so long. Curtice notes:

 ….public support for the monarchy has slipped to a new low. According to the most recent BSA, just 55 per cent now say it is important to have a monarchy, an all-time low, while a quarter (25 per cent) either say that it is “not at all important” or should be abolished. An Ipsos poll last November found a record low of 60 per cent now preferring a monarchy, while 21 per cent supported a republic, though in May the former figure edged back up to 68 per cent. Meanwhile, YouGov polls over the past decade have seen support for a monarchy rather than an elected head of state fall from 73 per cent in 2012 and 2013 to 59 per cent in March this year – with a slight uptick (to 62 per cent) just before the Platinum Jubilee.

A monarchy is still much preferred to a Republic but clearly, Charles has a challenge.

For what it is worth I have been quite impressed by what I’ve seen of Charles in the past week since the Queen passed away.

Mike Smithson

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