Is Biden going to run again?

Is Biden going to run again?

Could someone who’d be 82 actually do it?

The visit of Joe Biden to the UK for the funeral of the Queen has prompted me to do a piece that I’ve been meaning to write for some weeks – is the incumbent President who will be 80 in November going to put his hat into the ring for the 2024 presidential race?

I have just watched an interview with him in which he was pressed hard on the subject and my view is that everything is dependent on how well his party does in the MidTerm elections on November 8th.

He comes over very well and to my mind gave the impression of wanting to run again. As to the November elections he is predicting that the Democrats will hold on to both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The former seems much more achievable than the latter and certainly, that is how the betting markets are seeing it. In the betting, Biden is currently rated as a 33% chance for the 2024 nomination and a 16% chance of getting a second term.

Mike Smithson

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