West Lancs looks like a LAB hold on small turnout

West Lancs looks like a LAB hold on small turnout

Ordnance Survey

It looks as though the next Westminster by-election will be in the West Lancs seat which was held by Rosie Cooper for the Labour party with a 16% majority at the last election.

She is planning to stand aside because she has accepted a new role as chair of Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Looking at the numbers it is hard to see anything in this for the Lib Dems or the Tories and my pretty firm prediction is that will be this this will be a comfortable Labour hold on a very small turnout.

It has been widely rumoured that Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list could include several MPs who would be made peers thus creating by-election opportunities. One suggested seat is Mid Bedfordshire which is currently held by Nadine Dorries.

There have been substantial whispers from the Boris Johnson camp that he would love to return to Number 10 Downing Street and and it is suggested that he will hold off submitting a resignation honours list in order to maximise the number of Tory MPs who could possibly vote for LizT to go.

Mike Smithson

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