Is she going to survive 2023?

Is she going to survive 2023?

The markets make it a 22% chance that she won’t

Over the last few days we have seen a series of policy speeches by Liz truss which seem to set her government on course to be the most right wing one in recent times.

Her policy agenda is almost totally different from that which was in GE2019 manifesto and it can be argued that she has no mandate at all.

Quite what the parliamentary Conservative Party makes of it we don’t know but it will be recalled that she only got 19% of Tory MPs backing her in the first round of the leadership election.

Ed Davy has gone on the attack seeking to brand the Truss government as extremist and my guess is that will resonate. His target voters of course are those in remain voting Conservative seats where there is a significant proportion of graduates in the electorate.

No doubt Starmer will be developing his line of attack and we should start to see his approach in the next few days

I just had a small bet at 22% that Truss won’t be the leader at the end of 2023.

Mike Smithson

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