Could Biden be triumphant in the MidTerms?

Could Biden be triumphant in the MidTerms?


Now the Dems edge into the lead

Of all the elections in the US taking place on November 8th one that is particularly important is for the House of Representatives where currently the Democrats have a small majority. What the polling chart above shows is that for most of the time in the last few months the Republicans have been polling markedly better than the Democrats. This has now changed.

It should be noted here that the question is a generic one.. There are lots of other polls available many of them on specific races.

Joe Biden, who first entered Congress in the early 1970s, made his name as someone who could get things through and his skills and expertise have been particularly useful to him over the past few weeks where he has had a number of successes on Capitol Hill.

It would be a huge achievement for the party of the sitting President to maintain control of the House in the midterms following the presidential election

Punters on Betfair currently rate the Dems as a 25% chance for the House. I’m on.

Mike Smithson

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