A LAB majority bet is starting to look value

A LAB majority bet is starting to look value

Over the last year also I have been very cynical about the betting prices on a LAB majority. The scale of what Starmer faces is massive given that he starts on 202 seats and needs 326 to get over the line. .

The Scottish situation remains what it has been since the Indy referendum and the idea of Labour getting back to the days when it held 40 of the 59 seats north of the border is simply not going to happen

He also has the extra challenge of the new boundaries which should come in the middle of next year. It is suggested that these could give the Tories about 10 or more seats based on what happened in 2019.

I am old enough to recall that the current political environment feels very much like that which existed in the couple of years before the GE1997 when of course Tony Blair won a landslide Victory

Maybe I am overreacting but there could come a time when a LAB majority offers good value. I’m not there yet and I won’t be making any decision until after the Conservative conference next week.

Who knows list Truss could pull off a blinder or the Tories could replace her with a more voters friendly leader?

Mike Smithson

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