It’s very hard to see Truss doing a U-Turn

It’s very hard to see Truss doing a U-Turn

Dan might be right but I’ll be amazed if it happens

From what we have seen of Liz Truss she does not look like the sort of PM who is ready to U-turn on a key policy less than a month after she entered Number 10.

The problem for her is that Hodges has a big audience in the Mail on Sunday and his judgment on her big decision is going to be read by a large number of Tory supporters. The more you focus on a possible change of mind with someone like Truss the less likely it is to happen.

Remember what happened to TMay during the GE2017 campaign when the media dubbed her plans for social care the “dementia tax”. She did drop it the following Monday and went on to lose seats in the election.

Mike Smithson

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