Memo to the Tories: Look stupid, it’s the economy

Memo to the Tories: Look stupid, it’s the economy

This polling was carried out before Liz Truss decided to turn Kwasi Kwarteng’s tenure as Chancellor as a tribute to the Anglo-Zanzibar war but I suspect the appointment of Jeremy Hunt will do little to help this type of polling in the short term.

The Tory raison d’être is that we might be bastards but we know how to run an economy, if they aren’t seen competent on the economy then they are on course for a defeat that could rival 1906 in terms of seat losses. Between June 1993 and June 2016 the UK had four chancellors, in 2022 we’ve had four chancellors in the last three and a half months, a bit of stability could do wonders for the Tories.

Liz Truss should remember the previous two female Prime Ministers were ousted or damaged when they started messing around the houses of voters, Mrs Thatcher with the poll tax and Mrs May with the dementia tax. Being responsible for increasing mortgages of voters will lead to electoral reckoning.

As with Black Wednesday and the 1997 election even if things improve the country might not be in a forgiving mood at the next election.


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