The public really don’t rate Liz Truss

The public really don’t rate Liz Truss

Longstanding readers of PB know that Mike Smithson and myself love the Ipsos/MORI net satisfaction ratings because their data goes back nearly fifty years and it allows us to help put into context current polling and are usually a greater pointer to electoral outcomes.

These ratings show how well the PM is doing one month after becoming PM (Thatcher’s is three months after she became PM as MORI didn’t poll monthly then.)

Just imagine what the current Prime Minister’s ratings will look like when mortgage costs increase more over the coming months coupled with most of the public paying more for energy than they did a year ago. Praying mantises have longer and better honeymoons than Liz Truss.

Now the supporters of Liz Truss might say look at Boris Johnson’s rating and he won a majority of eighty some four months later, the problem is that he was facing Jeremy Corbyn, the worst leader of opposition of my life, and Sir Keir Starmer is no Jeremy Corbyn.

If Liz Truss does turn this around and wins the next election then that would be the greatest comeback since Lazarus or Istanbul 2005 when Liverpool recovered from 3 nil down to win the Champions League Final.


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