Sunak remains favourite to succeed Truss as PM

Sunak remains favourite to succeed Truss as PM

But still longer than evens

I find this one hard to call as, judging by the betting, so do punters. Sunak has been favourite for so long but would he fail again in a leadership contest?

My guess is that the best chance of him making it to Number 10 would be if he gets a clear run unopposed and there is no contest. I think he would struggle in a two-way election against Penny Mordaunt.

Whatever either of these two would be much more formidable for Labour to deal with than Liz Truss who has been spectacularly poor. She simply hasn’t got it and it says a lot about members of the Tory Party that thought that she should be the leader.

The big hope for the Tories now is that this thing does not drag on and that a new leader is in place pretty soon to take the fight to Labour and the LDs.

Mike Smithson

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