Happy 80th birthday Joe Biden

Happy 80th birthday Joe Biden

A 42% betting chance to be the WH2024 nominee

Today is the 80th birthday of the US president Joe Biden and this comes at a time when there’s a lot of speculation about whether he’ll seek to run again in 2024. Clear age is a factor here and if the was nominated again and won he would remain at the White House till January 2029 when he would be in his late 80s.

If he wants to do it then it is hard to see him being beaten for the nomination. It is rare for a sitting President to face a serious primary challenge.

The midterms have given Biden something of a boost and he is reported to be in a very positive mood after his party held onto the Senate and saw fewer losses than had been predicted in the house

The rough and tumble of a nomination campaign and then the election itself takes its toll and contenders far younger than Biden and he could find it s struggle.

I think the decision by Trump to try again will encourage Biden.

Mike Smithson

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