Tuesday’s Georgia RunOff is. looking very tight

Tuesday’s Georgia RunOff is. looking very tight

What is dominating US politics at the moment is the runoff election on Tuesday between the final two contenders in the Georgia Senate race.

This is happening because of a Georgia state law that requires a candidate in an election to secure more than 50% of the vote something which did not happen in the midterms on November 8th. In that situation then the top 2 in the ballot go forward to a runoff election.

A victory for Warnock would make the split in the Senate 51 Democrats and 49 Republicans. If Walker does it then the split in the upper house would be 50/50 which means that the Vice President has the casting vote.

Huge amounts of money have been ploughed into this runoff campaign and from the polling it appears as though the incumbent Democrat l might just edge but you can take nothing for granted.

The most telling the most telephone in the CNN polling featured above is that at the Democrat has the edge on favourability while the voting split remains within the margin of error.

Mike Smithson

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