The MidTerms are over – now for WH2024

The MidTerms are over – now for WH2024

Will it be Biden v Trump once again?

The completion of the mid-term elections, as we saw yesterday with the runoff in Georgia, has usually marked the focus on the next presidential election which is due in November 2024.

As can be seen by the opening polling above Biden and Trump are the favourites for their parties – the big question is whether Biden and Trump will be the nominees and we won’t get an inkling of that for at least 16 months when the primary season kicks in.

In November 2024 Biden will be 82 and Trump 78 and clearly there is an actuarial risk of them being unable to compete. The former might be older but gives the impression of having a much healthier lifestyle.

Biden appears ready to want to run again while Trump has already declared that he is a runner.

Trump’s appeal to his party has declined markedly with the failure of a host of Trump-backed candidates in the midterms to actually win. These will be used against him. Conversely, Biden will benefit from his party’s successes.

My only WH2024 bet is on the Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, at very long odds.

Mike Smithson

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