Should LAB be worried by this word cloud?

Should LAB be worried by this word cloud?

This word cloud issued this afternoon by the pollster Redfield and Wilton makes a very strong point in a clear way. It is very hard to work out what Starmer stands for in terms of policy.

While this might give a bit of comfort to the Tories who are seeing the massive LAB leads continue I wonder whether it actually matters.

The point about the next general election is the that voters appear to have abandoned the Tories in sufficient numbers to make it very difficult to see how Sunak’s party can possibly hang on.

I notice that Starmer is very keen not to hold public positions on current controversial issues like trans rights because either way it could be a negative.

The point is that the polling shows that whatever Starmer might be perceived as believing it doesn’t really matter. This is very much like the 1996-1997 period when we were just waiting for the Tories to be ousted.

Mike Smithson

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