LAB to win most seats moves to record betting high

LAB to win most seats moves to record betting high

Smarkets general election betting

Punters have no confidence in Sunak

The above is a chart from Smarkets on betting on which party will win the most seats at the next general election. The highlight here is that there has been a considerable negative movement for the Tories particularly since Sunak became the Prime Minister.

The Tories are down to less than a 25% chance which I would reckon probably overstates their position.

One of the problems for The Tories is that so far at least Rishi Sunak has yet to make a really positive impression on the voting public. The detail also shows that he is struggling with those who usually vote for the party.

He has not worked how he is being perceived. He is just wooden and is approaching the industrial crisis in a very naive way.

I’m sure there are many within the parliamentary party who realise what a mistake was made with his appointment and how the chances of the Tories coming out of this well are declining by the month. My money is going on a 2023 exit.

Mike Smithson

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