Why did Sunak reappoint Raab?

Why did Sunak reappoint Raab?

Such is the inevitability of Raab’s departure that as far as I can see no bookie has a next cabinet minister to leave market. It has also been six days since Sunak fired Nadhim Zahawi and in those six days Sunak hasn’t appointed a new party chairman, probably due to the fact Raab’s shameful behaviour will trigger a resignation so it will be better to do a wider reshuffle.

Stories like this damage the Tory party as it brings back memories of the nasty party, the Tory party is taking a beating at the moment, and Sunak seems to be the only person in government who wasn’t aware of Raab’s bullying behaviour. The dire polling on Raab is likely to damage the polling of the man who appointed him.

Like the appointment of Suella Braverman the judgment of Sunak appears faulty as he appoints people who are demonstrably unfit for cabinet jobs.


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