The NHS the biggest vulnerability of Sunak’s Tories – Ipsos polling

The NHS the biggest vulnerability of Sunak’s Tories – Ipsos polling

Will these be the election policy battlegrounds?

A few days ago the Labour leader Keir Starmer set out what he described as Labour’s 5 missions as the first part of his build-up to the general election.

It was almost certainly right of the Labour leader to start getting into more detail and the polling I think suggests where he is as strong and where the Tories are most vulnerable

In terms of which party would do a good job, Labour leads the Conservatives on each mission, with its largest lead coming on building an NHS that is fit for the future (41% to 19%) and its smallest lead on securing Britain the highest sustained economic growth in the G7 (29% to 25%). 

This was the observation by ex-PBer Keiran Pedley and now Director of politics at Ipsos:

It is striking how much the British public appear to prioritise improving the NHS of Keir Starmer’s 5 key pledges. This is also the mission the public think Labour would do the best job on relative to the Conservatives. These findings show the extent of the political challenge faced by the Conservatives in this area.

The picture is less clear in other areas. The public are split on whether Labour can deliver safe streets or global leadership in clean energy provision, whilst Labour still has work to do to show that it is better placed than the Conservatives to deliver economic growth.

Mike Smithson

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