The new coalition of chaos

The new coalition of chaos

Like others I think Labour will struggle to win a majority at the next election, thanks largely to the toxic legacy bequeathed to Sir Keir Starmer by his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn. As we get closer to the election, particularly if the polls tighten, the focus will be on what type of government Starmer will try and form.

If the Tories are planning on revisiting their greatest hits then the tweet from Keiran Pedley shows why it will be ineffective and possibly counterproductive. A further example of the current Tory party undoing David Cameron’s hard work.

With the SNP troubles I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alba running posters with Humza Yousaf in Sir Keir Starmer’s pocket given how poorly Yousaf polls.

Another pointer that the country is ready for a Labour government is this finding from YouGov. The Starmer detox project of Labour is going well, although he has been lucky that the Tories are damaging their brand so much, although this polling I suspect has a recency bias.


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