The Tories are having a bad September in the polls

The Tories are having a bad September in the polls

The return of 20% deficits

Over the past week also we have seen some fairly poor polls for the Conservatives. Quite why this is the case is hard to fathom but as each month goes by we are closer to the general election whenever Sunak decides to call it.

The governing party increasingly looks very tired and there is a lack of confidence in its communications. If you ask most MPs of all the parties there’s a fairly clear view that LAB is heading for victory. Very few have been ready to stick their necks out and suggest that there will be a Tory recovery or that the eventual LAB lead will be smaller than what we are seeing.

I’ve long felt that Sunak is not the right one for the particular demands of leadership when defeat is staring you in the face.

My view of the polls is that the LAB margin is probably being overstated because a quite significant numbers of 2019 Tory voters are continuing to say they don’t know

Mike Smithson

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