The Mid-Beds betting remains very tight

The Mid-Beds betting remains very tight


I cannot recall a Westminster by-election betting market which has been as tight as that on Mid Beds.

The fight looks to be between LAB, the Tories and the LDs and the latest moves have been towards the red team in the betting. The by-election kings of this parliament, the Lib Dems, are now in third place after being favourites for a while.

It is entirely possible that the Tories could hang onto the seat like they did against the odds in Uxbridge. A big problem for the blue team is that the former MP, Nadine Dorries, was allowed to get away with doing so little for the area,

Labour’s weakness is that their candidate is a councillor in London. In by-elections that can matter.

The LDs have a local councillor as their candidate and are throwing everything into their campaign but will that be enough? At current odds they are probably the value bet though I would not risk much.

Mike Smithson

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