Can Cameron make Sunak’s election challenge any easier

Can Cameron make Sunak’s election challenge any easier

Or is he now a discredited figure?

Ever since Cameron stopped being PM after the UK voted for Brexit there have been a series of stories about how he has been earning a living. I have always ignored such reporting but it could be relevant now given his return to the political stage.

No doubt Labour is digging furiously to find if there are any negatives that would undermine him and of course the PM.

This is from the Guardian’s analysis of Cameron:

Osborne said on his new podcast, Political Currency: “There was a bit of him [Cameron] … that died inside, which was the public service element – which he tried to fill with other things like his very important work for Alzheimer’s, but it wasn’t the same.“And now I think, when I was speaking to him about it, it’s like the sound of the trumpet, back on the playing field, the political playing fields, and serving your country.”

A real problem is that although now a peer he is not an MP and that will always limit his ambition.

Mike Smithson

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